Where I’m from

I am from the plush green couch

from bicycles and scooters

I am from the large house on the block

and the house with the volleyball net in the back yard

I am from the majestic woods surrounding my block

whose branches and quiet space gives me peace

I am from WWE action figures and Nintendo Game Boys

from Williams and Galloway

I am from freckles and blue eyes

and from extraversion

from independence

I am from the exciting trips to California

I am from Great Grandma Volk and Great Grandma Williams

from meat loaf and pasta

from the move from North Dakota to California

and from the abandonment of an average life to an extravagant one

and from the dinosaur beanie baby given to me after the removal of my tonsils.

I am from those moments where making my WWE action figures wrestle, making sonic battle on my gameboy, and riding my bike all through my neighborhood brought me serenity.



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