Debate over kneeling during the National Anthem

There has been an ongoing debate over whether it is acceptable for athletes to kneel during the National Anthem. We have all seen this beginning with Colin Kaepernick sitting on the bench before a football game which started this uproar of a protest. Obviously some people were furious and some people understood where he was coming from. But, this past weekend when three Husker Football Players joined in on the protest, there was a huge uproar. A majority of Nebraska citizens were downright embarrassed, and shocked that players on nicest team were even participating in this scandalous protest. After the game Michael Rose Ivy explained to the press in a very professional way about why he participated. He stated that he received multiple death threats and lost a lot of respect from people in the state of Nebraska. Also, he said that he talked to Coach Mike Riley before the protest to make sure he was ok with him doing this. I have a lot of respect for Coach Riley that he said that they are all one team. Of course players do not all have the same values but the important part is that they respect each others decisions.

This country values freedom of speech and so does this University. If I was forced to pick a side of who I believed was right or wrong, I do not think I could pick. Because Coach Riley is right, we can all agree to disagree. But this country should come together instead of be torn apart over this issue.

If you haven’t already watched the Virginia Tech basketball coach speech over what the National Anthem means, I highly recommend it. Although I respect all of the players peaceful protests, the National Anthem is what we stand for in this country. The meaning of our anthem means so much to so many people who are serving and fighting for us.



2 thoughts on “Debate over kneeling during the National Anthem

  1. I definitely agree that it is their right to protest if they wish to, but that the National Anthem holds a lot of meaning to many citizens, especially the men and woman fighting for our freedom. I really liked how you could understand both sides, and stated that we need to come together over the issue instead of letting it divide us.


  2. I agree with your stance on this position. I like how you worded we can all agree to disagree because what one persons view is someone else can be completely different. Very nicely worded response to this very publicly debated issue.


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