“Why Young Women Need Feminism”


One of the most controversial terms in today’s society is the word “feminism.” The word has become tarnished and tainted, earning negative connotation. I feel that most of the reason not all women identify as feminists is because of the negative image that society has portrayed the feminist movement to be. Contrary to popular belief, the feminist movement is not equitable with an anti-men movement. In fact, feminism can benefit men in a lot of ways. For example, it works towards destroying double standards. One of these double standards is that men cannot show emotion or cry. We are all human beings and we all have feelings so it is ridiculous to shame men for portraying emotion. Another example of the double standards occurring today is the idea that men cannot be stay at home dads. Since the beginning of time it has been understood that it is the mother’s job to be the stay at home parent. However, this is 2016, and if a man wishes to stay at home with his kids while his wife works and earns the income that is perfectly fine. Also, men are not given the same paternity leave that women are given. I find this ridiculous because having a child is one of the biggest changes that people go through in life. In refusing to give men the same paid paternity leave that women receive, society is further reinforcing the double standard that it is the woman’s job to stay at home with the children while the husband works. In summary, feminism benefits everyone and works for the equality of genders. I realize that there are extremists in all movements and that there is the occasional man-hating woman who claims she is a feminist, but this does not in any way represent all that the feminism movement supports.


2 thoughts on ““Why Young Women Need Feminism”

  1. allisonpokorny

    I really like how you addressed this issue and I totally agree with you! I am all for women’s rights but don’t necessarily call myself a feminist because of the negative connotation that accompanies the word. I agree with you that the feminist movement isn’t just anti-men and there are many double standards for both men and women that need to be changed. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. I am the same way about the actual title “feminist”. I use it quite sparingly because most people take it to mean I’m some sort of radical anarchist. I liked how you pointed out the benefits it has for men as well, because I think that’s something that often gets overlooked. I also thought you used very good points to describe how it can benefit men. Thanks!


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