Biggest Issues on College Campuses

What exactly are the three biggest issues regarding college? According to Peter Jacobs it is price, stress, and alcohol abuse. I completely agree with that. After only being on campus for a short amount of time these three things are extremely prevalent. Students are “penny pinching” everywhere they turn and refusing to skip class for the sake of their bank account. However, when Jacobs claims the “net price has stayed fairly steady” I disagree. As a current college student I would definitely say that I am paying significantly more than my parents did. This problem regarding price also contributes to stress. For many college students this is their first time living independent from their family and they have to juggle many things. They have to manage money, all the household chores, and school is a bit harder than it once was. It hasn’t even been an entire semester yet and the stresses of college have already taken their toll on me personally. For some stress leads to the “I couldn’t care less” attitude leading to drinking. “Lincoln is a dry campus” I call bullshit. That isn’t enforced as much it should. I knew people drank a lot in college but the point of a party shouldn’t be to take the edge off at the end of the day. On top of that people are taking advantage of those who to choose to drink by spiking the alcohol, yet another thing people don’t take seriously enough. These issues are the three biggest and most widespread on campuses across the nation. College should prepare us for our future not make us anxiety prone alcoholics already in debt before we truly enter the real world.


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