Black Lives Matter Protest

In this article, it describes how a student dressed in a gorilla mask handing out bananas approached a group of African-American students who were silently protesting on their college campus for the Black Lives Matter movement . Personally I don’t have a strong opinion regarding the Black Lives Matter movement; I respect their opinion and I respect peaceful protests. I do not support violent protests which are often portrayed by the media. However, even though I do not have a strong opinion about the Black Lives Matter movement I found it incredibly disgusting and disrespectful of the student to wear a gorilla mask and pass out bananas to the students who were peacefully protesting. It got me thinking if you don’t support someone’s opinion and if they are peacefully protesting and not being disrespectful, then why be disrespectful to them? I know lately the Black Lives Matter movement has received a lot attention; mostly negative and some positive. Some of their protests have been far from peaceful and are often just riots. I don’t support the violent protests but I think if you’re passionate enough about an issue and handle it in a respectful manner then why shouldn’t you  receive the same respect back. Why is it that people feel the need to treat peaceful protestors in that way? Is it just to get attention or to get their point of view across. I understand that the student in the gorilla mask was trying to send a message, but did he honestly think people would support his message by approaching it in that way? I think if he had a message or opinion he wanted to share he should have done it in a less degrading manner.


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