Flu Vaccine


Every year, thousands of people are hospitalized and die due to the flu. Yet, this number could be drastically decreased if people would take the simple action of receiving a yearly flu vaccination. According to NBC, the flu shot decreases your chances of contracting the flu by nearly 50-60%. Children, pregnant women, the elderly, and individuals with chronic illnesses are most vulnerable to the flu. Before you receive your flu shot, it is important to check with your doctor to make sure you are a candidate. Once approved, receive your flu shot immediately. The earlier you are vaccinated, the better your immune system will respond when flu season peaks.

By choosing to not receive a flu shot, you are not just affecting your health. You are endangering those around you. Not everyone can receive the vaccine. For example, people like cancer patients that have compromised immune systems are often not eligible to receive the flu shot. Children under the age of 6 months old are also not eligible. Because some individuals who are eligible willingly choose not to receive their immunization, they are affecting the lives of those around them by promoting the spread of this illness. While some people argue they cannot receive a flu shot because they cannot afford the cost, most insurance plans cover  the cost.

Therefore, it is critical for everyone who is eligible to receive a flu shot. This simple procedure could not only be lifesaving to you, but to those around you. Thanks to modern day advances in medical technology, we have the power in our hands to prevent the spread of a potentially life threatening illness.


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