Health Issues on Campuses

While several kids are attending college, it comes along with many health issues that students are facing. According to Dr. Al Glass, president of the American College Health Association, the top 5 health issues are mental health, sleep, infectious disease, exercise, and alcohol. Coming to college, I don’t think people realize the effect it would have on their health. One of the biggest feelings students acquire is stress. Adjusting to a big college is the first part where this comes into play, and then managing all classes that come with homework day to day. Stress is also developed from worrying about paying for tuition, managing time, and holding a job on the side. I think this ties in with the sleep issue. Students lack sleep because of stress, and not managing their time well enough to get things done efficiently. According to a study in the journal of American College Health, only 11% out of a sample of 191 students had quality sleep. With getting less sleep, you are prone to getting more sick. I think it is a brilliant idea that UNL is providing free vaccines on campus. We need to keep taking more actions like this to prevent infectious diseases. The campus could possibly hand out hand sanitizer bottles for people to keep with them. Weight problems are a majority of people’s worries when coming to college. All you hear is, “Don’t gain the freshman 15!” Yes, this is scary to hear, but students can fix this by staying active in a part of their week. I think it is important to promote exercises classes, intramural sports, or maybe campus runs on campus more often. Get out near a busy spot on campus and promote exercise. Exercise can take away stress and negative emotions. The last biggest health issue on college campuses is the use of alcohol. UNL is a dry campus, but it doesn’t stay dry. I do think this should be enforced more on campus, as it takes away from peoples classroom studies when they don’t show up to class the next morning. Those who make the decision to drink must drink responsibly if this is what they choose, which includes what to drink and how much to drink of it. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, about 4 in 5 college students drink. Drinking comes with risks.. injuries, detox, and no memory from what happened the night before. I think these health issues are important to recognize on campus, and more action needs to be taken to prevent them from happening so often.


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