Killer clowns

In this article, the author Megan French, describes how there have been reports of “killer clowns” scaring people across the country. There have been sightings in many states of these clowns. It started in Ohio on September 30, when a woman was attacked. The woman told the police that she was sitting outside on the porch at around 2:30am when a clown apparently grabbed this woman, who was a teacher, by the throat and said “I should just kill you now, some students are going to wish they were never born” before running away. Kids have also reported that clowns have tried to lure them into the woods with candy. And in Tennessee two suspects in clown masks brought explosives to a bank and stole money, police have yet to find them. The most horrible incident was when a 16-year-old high school student was stabbed by a man in a clown mask.
There have been reported sighting in Colorado, Florida, Virginia, Maryland, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. And police have had to post messages in Kansas City saying there have been no sighting in that area and this ordeal is simply an internet hoax. No one really knows why these clowns have been showing up, but theories are that it started with Halloween approaching and also because of the upcoming release of Stephen Kings “It” reboot.


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