Kneeling During Anthem

Recently one of the biggest forms of protests that advocates of the black lives matter campaign have been doing is kneeling during the national anthem.  Collin Kapernick started this off several weeks ago and the number of players following his lead has increased ever since he first took a knee.  The latest players to do it were Nebraska football players.  When Colin Kapernick started doing this form of protest I was appalled.  I couldn’t believe that someone would disrespect the flag and anthem like that.  I was mainly angry because I didn’t think he understood that he was disrespecting the troops.  The troops are the ones that go out and fight for the very freedom we have, and not standing for the anthem is disrespecting them and their families.  Now I understand that we do not have perfect freedom.  Black’s have been treated different and that is not right, but we do have freedom and I believe that is all that matters.  My viewpoint changed after the Rose Ivy press conference.  I know have the upmost respect for what he did.  What he did that Kapernick never did was he explained himself.  He didn’t shy away from his actions.  He stepped right up to the podium and said why he did what he did.  He explained how he viewed the protest and that he didn’t mean to offend anyone, he rather wanted to bring awareness to an issue.  If Kapernick would have given an explanation like this I would have respected him too.  I find it very admirable for Rose Ivy to make a very controversial decision, and then to own it and tell the whole world exactly why he did it.


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