Kneeling during the national anthem


In this article, the author explains the trend started by Colin Kaepernick of kneeling during the national anthem before sporting events. The trend started earlier in the football season and spread very quickly. At the time this article was written, 45 NFL players have knelt for the anthem, 14 WNBA players, a soccer player, a swimmer. Aside from professional sports, 37 high schools, 17 colleges, and 2 youth sports leagues have participated in this movement. The idea behind doing this is to protest any discrimination against blacks, specifically police brutality.

These protests have been peaceful for the most part. However, some people participating in these protests have been looked at differently by a large group of sports fans. Many people feel disrespected or embarrassed about these protests. There have been a few instances of athletes receiving death threats. I think these protests are pointless and that these athletes could get their point across in a more respectful manner. However, they are getting a lot of attention from doing this and their protests are seeming to work.