Nebraska Cornhuskers Kneeling

Players kneeling has become a recent thing and started with Colin Kaepernick. More recently, three Nebraska football players knelt during the Northwestern game on September 24th. Following their protest, they have received numerous threats and hate mail saying they are embarrassed and that they should be kicked off the team or even lynched. Nebraska fans are in uproar over the “disrespect” the players gave to the national anthem. We live in a country where we have the right to free speech. I completely agree with what the players were doing. They were taking a stand for what they believe in. Whether you witness it or are even aware of it, racism is still very prevalent in the US.

The article I chose is about Gov. Pete Ricketts thinks about the situation. He believes that they should stand up for what they believe in but the way in which they did it was wrong. He has agreed to meet with Michael Rose-Ivey so he can explain his reasoning behind kneeling during the national anthem. In the article, there is a video of Rose-Ivey explaining his actions and the reactions he has gotten from people in Nebraska. While some people are mad because they were wearing the Nebraska uniform and they represent the team and well as the school, they were making aware an issue that is very important to them, in a situation where the most people would see their peaceful protest. While other people do not support their decision, Husker coach Mike Riley fully supports his players.


One thought on “Nebraska Cornhuskers Kneeling

  1. All of these players that kneel during the anthem have their 1st amendment right to do so. However, I think they are going about it wrong. People should support their country and be proud to be where they are. Standing at the anthem is about respect for all of the people who died and fought for our country so these people could even play football in the first place.


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