Police Shootings


This Article focuses mainly on one of the three police shootings that have occurred in southern California in the past five days. Carnell Snell Jr was the passenger of a car that almost got pulled over for having paper plates. They refused to stop and then the driver and passenger jumped out of the car and began to ran. The driver escaped but the passenger ran into the back of a house where he was shot. I do not agree with how the police handled this situation. Carnell’s sister stated “At the end of the day, the cops came and shot my brother.” They did exactly that, the police shot an 18 year old boy who was probably scared with all of the recent shooting that have occurred so close to him that involved African American men. This occurred on Saturday, sparking another protest of several dozen people angered by another police shooting.

Snell’s little sister also stated that she was outside when she saw her older brother running away from the police. She started running too thinking she was also in danger because of what happened four days prior. Four days before the shooting of her brother, Olango was shot. He was shot when the police saw what they suspected to be a gun. Instead it was a 4in vape pen, an electronic cigarette device. I think that something needs to change with the police presence and how and when they are allowed to use their guns. If a 17 year old is running away from the police just because of their presence, that is not okay. Police should make people feel safe not make people worried for their lives.


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