In this article Anup Shah lists some main facts about poverty in the world and the many possible  root causes. About 3 billion people live on less than $2.50 a day, and 1 billion are children. In 2003, 10.6 million children died before they even reached the age of 5. Shah raises the question of are the people themselves to blame? Or were they simply born into it/had no other options? Shah puts the blame on the governments of those countries, but for some countries, they just don’t hold enough power to help their people. Leaders of rich countries and other influential and wealthy people formulate global decisions and policies that often only benefit them and do very little for those living in poverty. Even the wealthiest nations contain high levels of poverty; it has become the majority. Money that could be spent to help kids get an eduction or help those who are sick and malnourished is spent on things such as weapons for the military. This gap between the rich and the poor is continually growing, and some believe it will lead to the prevention of social cohesion and result in more crime and violence. Personal responsibility, careless governments, and corrupt influential people are some of the causes of poverty that Shah lists.

I agree with Shah for the most part. Money that could be spent to close this gap is spent on other, not as important, things. I do believe it’s important for our military to be up to date on their weapons but Shah said that just less than one percent of what the world spends on weapons a year could be used to put every child into school. Can’t they spare that much? I do believe that things need to change and that Shah is right about the prevention of social cohesion and the effects it’ll have. Hopefully articles like Shah’s will help motivate people to make a change and move in a better direction for the sake of our society. It definitely spoke out to me.


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