School Shooting


On Wednesday, September 28th there was yet another school shooting. This shooting occurred at an elementary school in Townville, South Carolina. A teenager opened fire during recess around 1:45pm on elementary school students as he shouted “I hate my life!” The reason he targeted this elementary school is still unknown, authorities have yet to discover an affiliation with the school.  A volunteer firefighter was the first to arrive to the scene and was able to subdue the teenage shooter. In the attack, 1 teacher was shot in the shoulder and two students were shot, one later died. The father of the shooter was later discovered, in their home, shot to death. The teenager is in custody and authorities are working to determine a reason for the attack.

It sickens me that someone can do this, and that events like this are becoming too commonplace. It makes me so sad that someone, for whatever reason, can take the lives of so many innocent others. I don’t think I can ever get my head around it.

There should be more done with gun safety protocols to make it more difficult for horrific crimes, like this, to happen again. The amount of school shootings has risen at alarming rates lately and needs to come to a halt. Students should not have to attend school in fear that someone may have a gun on campus.

This one teenager has now damaged the lives of so many innocent people by this one action. Students will now be afraid to go to school, parents will now be afraid to send their students to school, and all will be in mourning of the life that was taken.


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