Sex Trafficking in Nebraska

After talking a lot about sex trafficking in my social justice class, it shocked me that sex trafficking was not only going on in the state of Nebraska, but in the city of Lincoln as well. This article from the Lincoln Journal Star that was written on August 10th of this talked about 12 Johns (men who buy young women) who were arrested or cited. One of them was a P.E. teacher and former wrestling coach at Lincoln Northeast high school who had worked for LPS for 23 years. I was appalled after reading this article because you would never think that something so drastic could happen in your city or your own state and involve people who work at a high school not too far from your own. It’s just a sad situation because there are innocent young girls being sold in the sex trade and they’re being abused and raped on a daily basis. A lot of the men who buy these young girls are rich or middle class men, a lot of whom have a wife and children back home. It’s great that the Lincoln Police Department is getting involved in any way they can through the nationwide initiative to stop sex trafficking. Sex trafficking is one of the wealthiest businesses in the world. It’s awful that we have to see it as a “business” worldwide because it involves so many innocent young women and men who were either kidnapped or had gotten themselves involved with these sadistic “Johns” who make large profits off their sexual favors for other men.


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