Sexual Assault in our World Today

Recently the topic of sexual assault has been one that is very controversial in the news. The sentencing is the main issue people are discussing especially after Brock Turner’s rape case. Despite such a short sentence, he was able to be released early by paying the bail.

To me sexual assault is deemed to be one of the lowest of acts one can commit and the assaulter should receive a severe penalty. The penalty should be given regardless of race, color, and sexuality. Rape is rape. If the other person did not consent in the intercourse then the act should no longer be continued. Especially if the victim is unconscious, then there should never be intercourse.

In regards to Turner’s case, he was given the smallest of the smallest punishment. With the media exploding over this information, Governor Jerry Brown of California signed a bill setting a minimum sentence for sexual assault. Through this signed bill assaulters will receive a stricter sentence along with reducing the targeting of blacks and unfairly penalizing nonviolent drug offenders.

This bill has been needed for along time now but better late than never. However, as a society we still have a far way to go. This is only a minor step as the sentence is still too short. Because of sentences like this many cases of rape go unreported.


2 thoughts on “Sexual Assault in our World Today

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. Sexual assault cases seem to be overlooked WAY too often, with the result usually ending the same way as Brock Turner’s; a minimal sentence where they get to walk free after just a few months.


  2. I agree with you entirely I do believe that sexual assault shouldn’t be taken lightly and the consequences should be more severe than a slap on the wrist although I do not agree with it being an excuse for some woman. For example someone I know was in a relationship with a girl and one thing lead to another and her parents eventually found out she ended up telling them it was rape, although it wasn’t and he ended up serving time even though she gave him consent and later decided it wasn’t such a great idea.


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