Shooting in Campus

On Sep 25th, there was a gunshot happened at the campus of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. There were five people injured and one dead. The argument started inside of an apartment, and then the party went out and fought. Eventually, shots were fired. All the victims from the gunshot were not involved in the fight. The fourth victim was hit by a car when he was trying to run away from the gunshots. It was a hit-and-run accident. It was not the first case that gunshots happened in campus or near the campus. I got to know this news because I heard from my friend who was living two blocks away from the crime scene. He said he could hear the guns fired from his apartment. I felt really bad for those innocent victims and thought through the problems of gun rights in the United States. Gun rights have been a controversial topic nowadays. I don’t think students should be allowed to carry hidden, loaded guns on campus; however, it is hard to control or manage for the university. However,if the campus polices, teachers, and the state university system strongly opposes guns on campus, will that help prevent more tragedy in the future? Will there be fewer injuries? In China, there is no gun right for anyone. Obtaining or using a gun is illegal and will be heavily punished. The government in China keeps people away from lethal weapons. There are much fewer massive killing happening in China. In my opinion, the easy access to guns probably is somehow responsible for those tragedies happen in the United States.


One thought on “Shooting in Campus

  1. It’s scary to see how easily this could happen on a campus but I don’t think taking away all guns is the solution. That will never work and will cause more problems than it will solve. It’s been used in the past in different places and was never the solution. For the campus part all we can do is love each other and respect everyone and try to cause the least amount of arguments as we can.


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