Taking a stand, by not standing..

Recently I’m sure you’ve heard about the athletes around the U.S. taking a stand against police brutality. They have directed their protest towards the National Anthem by not standing at attention during the showing of the colors and while they play the Anthem. http://www.omaha.com/huskers/football/husker-players-explain-decision-to-kneel-at-national-anthem-gov/article_12218c54-8420-11e6-bfa5-f33c268487e5.html

This article focuses on the three Nebraska football players who chose to knell during the Anthem at Northwestern. It focuses on their decision why they chose to do what they did. Senior Michael Rose-Ivey did most of the talking at the press conference last Monday. I won’t go into every reason but the reason I liked the most was when he said, “It’s my duty as an young African-American male to speak for the voiceless.” In my opinion, I do not like the protest. They have absolutely every right to do it, and they aren’t breaking any laws. But the National Anthem is something that we all do together, to acknowledge the men and women who died so that we can go to a sporting event and watch a game freely. They have their natural born rights to protest freely, and I agree with the protest just not with the method.


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