The Anthem

Nebraska, in spite of misguided regent, shows how to handle anthem protest

I’ve thought about this topic many times in my head and I still don’t have a clear opinion on this topic. So this is going to be all my thoughts jumbled into sentences. With that being said I can see why people would feel like the players are disrespecting the flag and the people who fought for the flag. But on the other hand, the people who fought for the flag fought for the freedom that the flag stands for. The freedom that allows these players to kneel during the anthem in a peaceful manner to get their message across. I love how the University responded saying that they would not restrict their first amendment right of free speech, which is common sense. But for some Husker fans and supporters, this simple act of kneeling made them make hateful and snarky remarks, some even saying they deserved to be lynched. Really? REALLY? That is the main reason these players are kneeling, for the hateful judgment and remarks made like that one! Although most of the remarks made about this act were positive, it’s sad to see that the hateful ones get the most light. One argument that was made said that they should protest on their own time, not on someone else’s nickel. Which is a statement that I really don’t know how I feel about, but none-the-less it got me thinking. It also got donors of the university thinking, and some even threatening to cut funding to UNL. This made me even more surprised that the University still had the courage to back the players up in a public message. Overall I guess my opinion is if the players can get their message across in a peaceful manner without it hurting anyone else, I think it’s something they should absolutely do.


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