Water Usage


Water has become an increasing problem year after year not only in the United States but across the entire world. The main problems that come about when thinking about water usage is enough water for people and the availability of water world wide. As farm increase in size especially in the dairy and feedlot industry they use more and more water which decrease the supply of water for the human population. Allowing animals to have as much water as they would like allows them to grow to maximum capacity and lets them feel more comfortable and healthy, just as humans do. Also within the crop farming industry as far as irrigating crops not naturally but with irrigation lines and pivots. Farmers water there crops because it increase the number of bushels you receive from harvesting the crop and that allows the farmer to make more money. Irrigation is cost worthy to the farmer but if it is done right it pays off in the long run to the farmers profits.

I believe that water usage is an issue as the population and farming industry increase in size more and more. We should develop a technology that allows crops to have less of a demand for water whether that is regarding the crop traits or the way the farmer waters his or her crops. Scientists have already developed a drought resistant corn seed which is being tested in laboratories currently to be put onto the market. Our population is going to increase which means the agriculture industry will have to produce more and more food, therefore water will become an increasing problem if not taken care of.


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