Why people really disrespect Hillary

Stop Pretending You Don’t Know Why People Hate Hillary Clinton

I thought this article was a really interesting piece to talk about for this blog post. It highlights the idea that if Hillary Clinton were a man that we would take her much more serious in this presidential election.

It gives light to the fact that she really is much more qualified for the position against Donald Trump, and much of America may not see that because of the fact that she’s a woman.

It’s sexism like this that women all over the world experience daily, and Clinton is experiencing with all of America’s eyes watching. It enrages me because it is so blatantly an issue, but nobody likes to admit it.

Sexism in our country is something that needs to be addressed much more often, especially in this election.



5 thoughts on “Why people really disrespect Hillary

  1. I agree with some of the points in the article, but I have a major issue with one major thing. Too give examples of people who also erased emails like Hilary and to say that its ok that she did it since all these other people did it is absurd. No presidential candidate should validate a mistake they made by saying that other people made the same mistake too so its ok. Now I know that Hilary never tried to say that but I don’t think that this article represents Hilary in a great way. To me it sounds like a feminist wrote this article knowing that Hilary was going to lose the election. Now to try and make since of why Hilary lost the author is trying to make a point that if she was a man she would win which I think is wrong


    1. I get where you are coming from but that was a very opinionated article. And you furthered the opinions in your post. Which is fine, its your blog, but maybe a wrong article choice. Now, since we are giving opinions, I don’t believe that if she were a man, she would be respected more. Now it may be a shock to the world we live in today, but some people do look past the fact that someone may be a boy or a girl, or white or black. Can’t support a woman who should be in prison, killed off many people from this planet, etc..etc..etc.


      1. This article is from the same news source and format as our course document “Explaining White Privilege To A Broke White Person” so no I do not think it was a wrong article choice. I respect your opinions jarednotty04, thanks for them. I simply thought the article made an interesting point.


  2. This can be a very opinionated article and topic. I don’t think that it is sexism that leads people to not vote for Hillary. I see nothing wrong with having a woman president, and the United States will have one, one day. It just needs to be the right person with the right qualities for a good leader.


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