The past couple of weeks we have been getting into some serious issues in class, and I thought that stereotypes are a big problem in todays world. The video we watched in class even showed how the media effects people with common stereotypes. One example of a typical stereotype is how boy and girl toys are perceived. All of boy advertisements look rough, tough, and dirty. Boys should be like that, that’s how boys grow up. On the other hand, girls advertisements are cute, adorable, and playful. Girls should also be like that, girls are taught this their whole lives. This is a big stereotype because boys and girls shouldn’t have to worry about what toys to play with or what they can do. Especially in todays world, everyone should have their right to do whatever they want and not be judged. Another example of a stereotype that we watched and talked about was the tire commercial. This showed the stereotype that men are good drivers and that women are not. This is not true. The advertisement placed men talking about how much mileage they got out of their tires and was a happy mood. It then switched to a women driving and street signs flashing all over the place and a man talking about how he feels safe when his wife drives with the tires on. Once again, this is a stereotype that men are better than women at certain things. This can be true with some stuff, but not everything. Men and women should have equal opportunities in the world, and looked at the same.


One thought on “Stereotypes

  1. I also see the stereotypes displayed in these commercials amongst girls and boys, but I think it is for advertising purposes only. They will make a lot more money off of toy trucks while targeting boys instead of girls


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