The Apple Orchard

The Apple Orchard is a place I go almost every year. Only about five miles away, it is a easy to reach destination. It is located down a highway right across from where I attended high school in a big open field. As you pull into the Apple Orchard you drive across a dirt road surrounded by apple trees. Once I found a spot to park in the gravel parking lot, I went to find a spot to sit. I looked around and noticed all of the apple trees lined up in straight rows. Each row of trees is labeled with what apple the tree has. I can see many people walking around picking apples and taking pictures. The people fill up a bag full of apples and have smiling faces as they take a bit into the apples. I then looked more around the grounds and saw kids playing in a giant haystack and a small train driving around a little track. I can hear the kids laughing and screaming from excitement. I can also hear the rush of the wind against all of the trees and haystacks. I then proceeded to go to the back of the orchard where all of the pumpkins are located. To get to the back of the orchard I boarded a wagon that was being pulled by a tractor. The wagon was filled with people and kids as they were ready to go pick out the perfect pumpkin. Once I arrived at the pumpkin patch, I began to look around for a pumpkin. I walked down the rows of pumpkins looking at all the different shapes and colors of the pumpkins. I then grabbed a pumpkin and could smell the fresh dirt beneath the hard pumpkin. The stem was rough and hard as I grabbed it to take it home. Once I had my pumpkin, I left for the store located at the center of the apple orchard to pay for my pumpkin. I walked into the big barn looking store and took my pumpkin to the cashier to pay for it. I also noticed the barn was full of delicious smelling sweets and food. Of course I had to grab something to eat, so I bought a caramel apple to eat outside. The sweet taste of the caramel mixed with the crunchy apple was a delicious taste. I finally decided to leave the apple orchard with a pumpkin and a fun experience on a beautiful warm day.


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