UIUC Library

Surrounding by the ideal academic atmosphere, I am at the Grainger Engineering Library of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. That was the university I decided to go in the beginning; however, I changed my mind in late May. I enjoyed on the way to here. Leaves were turning brown and got blew into the air by the warm humid wind. Holding my boyfriend’s hand and leaning against his arm, that was the most pleasant moment after all of the stressful midterms. After we walked into the library, he went to discuss with his group. I found myself a cozy sofa and sat down. There are plenty of four-member computer engineering groups because they have a major assignment due tomorrow as a group. I knew all about this because my boyfriend was struggling with it earlier I could see different faces from various countries. There are Americans, Asians, Mexicans, and Europeans. Some of them I could just tell directly from their accents I heard accidently. Most of students have their headphones on to keep them away from the noises, and they stare at their computers trying to get everything done before school starts tomorrow. There was shooting happened few week ago nearby the campus, about 3 km away from the library I am at. The police arrested a 18-year-old man suspect who was just released from a prison boot camp two weeks before the shooting. The shooting happened after an argument in the apartment, and it turned out to a fight and ended up with one dead and five wounded people. All of the victims were not involved in the argument; they were just innocent passengers on the street. I got this news from my boyfriend on the night that shooting happened because his apartment was two blocks away from the crime scene, and I was really nervous. That was the first time I felt danger was around him. There was also a sexual abuse in the campus. A Chinese man was sexually abusing a Chinese girl, and he was caught few days ago. There are not many news about it, but it actually existed. It was the first time I thought about the safety and security of us being in the society. As we all known, sexual assault and sexual abuse happen in the college campus all the time, and it is necessary to protect ourselves from it, especially girls. Being in the campus just make me think a lot of issues it is experiencing right now; however, same things happen everywhere. So, we have to be cautious and be aware of it.


One thought on “UIUC Library

  1. I really enjoyed how you incorporated ethnicity into your post because it added something different that most of them don’t have and I think it created a better understanding about the shooting the danger you felt. I also liked how you talked a little about sexual assault on campus because its a huge topic today.


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