Grandparent’s House

This weekend as I went home for fall break, not all of my time at home was relaxing. With a very heavy heart my parents told me that we needed to move my grandpa into a nursing home. My heart immediately sank to the floor because I knew that I would have no such thing as my grandparents house anymore. Although I knew deep down that moving my grandpa is the right decision because he will be safe and we will not have to worry about his safety. But, I have so many wonderful memories in this house. 6610 Park Crest Drive was no longer the McCashland’s house. It was no longer the little white house on the corner with the big back yard that my cousins and I would climb trees in. I would never be able to walk in and sit in the two recliners that you could fall asleep in any second. I knew in that moment I will never walk into that house again and hear my grandma’s contagious laughter, the dogs would never come and jump on me to greet me, and I would never get to go to the backyard on the tire swing. You never realize that all places are temporary. I learned that lesson very quickly this weekend.

As I sit in this house that basically built me a lot of emotions overcame me. I didn’t think that a place could cause tears. But it did. This assignment makes me appreciate how important this place was to me. I will always remember the smell of fresh flowers and freshly baked cookies and of course the smell of dogs.

My favorite part of the house is the sun room. I sat with my grandpa in the sunroom and we were both crying. He knew that his house of 57 years was not going to be his home anymore. I told my grandpa lets look at the positives of this wonderful home you created. My grandpa and grandma had 4 kids and 15 grandkids. I hope someday that I can have the love that they did. Married for 58 years. As my grandpa and I were laughing and crying knowing our time was coming to an end a ray of sunlight came through the sunroom along with a butterfly. We both knew in that moment my grandma was smiling down saying that everything was going to be ok. This house was not only going to be in our memories but it will be in our hearts forever.


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