Home court

As I was driving in to David City to watch my high school’s volleyball team play I couldn’t help feeling a little nostalgic. I parked my car in the gravel parking lot. Walking up the sidewalk I felt that it was so weird to have to come and watch the game and not actually participate. I opened the glass doors and walk through the entry way. The smell of popcorn immediately attracts me to concessions stands. I walk up to the table to pay. My first time having to pay at my high school’s volleyball game. I hear the junior varsity girls playing. I hear the cheers from the parents and few young kids who were dragged to come watch their sisters play. I walk down the hallway to the concessions stand to see the people working inside. I look down and see the old gym where I played my first two years of high school volleyball.

My freshmen and sophomore years of volleyball I played in what my high school calls the North Gym. It’s an older court and is a little smaller. The wood creaks in some spots and it was always fun to have practice and hear a ball land on the wood and have it make a funny sound. I stand on the spot that I remember creaked and feel the wood move under my foot. I was reminded of how much I missed playing in there. Since there weren’t as many bleachers and it was a little smaller, the crowds that were there, even if it wasn’t a lot of people, made it feel very loud. I miss the crowd cheers after we had won a hard game or won a long rally. I long to be back on this court. I walked back down the hallway to our new gym called the South Gym and watched the end of the junior varsity game. I’m standing in the doorway looking at the gym’s banners of the conference teams and different championship my high school had won over its history against the tannish brown paint on the top half of the gym. The rest of the gym has white walls with a gold and black trim. I hear a drum behind me and see all of the band kids getting ready to play pep band for the varsity game. There’s the freshmen from last year who annoyed me because he always played his tuba when he wasn’t supposed to and sure enough behind me I hear him playing again. I guess some things never change.

I watch as the varsity girls come in with their warmups on and do their prewarmup cheer of “Lady Monarchs on 3….1, 2, 3 LADY MONARCHS!” I’m reminded of how much I miss the unity of a team sport. They grab the volleyballs and begin warming up their arms by throwing the balls on the ground and to each other. I hear the smack of the balls connecting with the ground and the smack of their hands against the ball as they hit it to each other. I’m reminded of how much I miss playing on that home court. What I would give just to be able to play on that home court one more time.




2 thoughts on “Home court

  1. I love how you went to watch your volleyball team play again. I experienced the same thing going back to my high school watching the tennis team. It is so weird actually being a spectator and not playing the game that was once such a big part of your life. Your description was amazing and I felt like I had a great picture of your high school volleyball games.


  2. I know how you’re feeling. I miss the thrill of leading a team, and being a family. I love all the little details in this piece. I love how you look this place piece to a different place, not just home. You are a very good writer and you’re very good at the little details!


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