As I returned to my hometown of Kearney, Nebraska I began to remember all of the things I love about this place. This is only the second time I have came home since leaving for college. Lincoln feels like home to me now and it almost seems like a vacation when I come back to Kearney. As I drove to my house on the edge of town I was reminded of so many fun memories each time I drove by something that meant something to me or a place where I used to spend lots of my time. For this writing assignment, I decided to go to the baseball complex where I grew up playing most of my baseball games. It was a cool morning and I was the only person around. It was very peaceful and relaxing to just sit there and think and observe the area. Sitting there  brought back all of the memories from growing up that reminded me of why I love baseball so much. All of the long practices that were so rewarding once the hard work paid off. The state championships we won and the late nights with my teammates practicing and playing hard. I also decided to drive through my old neighborhood where I grew up for most of my childhood. It was crazy to see how different it was compared to how it was when I was a kid. Most of the neighbors I grew up around have moved and the field behind my house where me and my friends used to play all day is now cleared out and houses are being built. It made me a little sad to see how different it is but I saw lots of kids hanging out and riding bikes and it is cool to see how most of the neighborhood moved on and a new group of young families has moved in to raise their families in the same place I was raised. It has been wonderful to be back with all my family and friends during fall break and it was nice to get away from all the stress of college and just relax and reflect on this city that I used to call home.


One thought on “Hometown

  1. i think fall break made us all have experiences similar to this after being away from home for so long. This really made me think of my childhood neighborhood and all of the happy memories I had there/changes I can see in it from then to now. Thanks for sharing!


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