My hometown

My home town is Papillion, Nebraska. It’s not small but its not too big either. It is full of fun memories and new beginnings. For instance, my backyard. Its large, green, filled with leaves falling down for the fall air. Its a stomping ground for my dog, Jolie, its a hangout spot for me and my friends to have bonfires or play yard games in the summer. It’s my moms morning view while she sits on the deck and looks upon her day. This backyard is special to me because its been the same for eighteen years. It has held each memory, even when I threw a bonfire party that went out of hand in the eighth grade. But each of those memories has held an important spot in my heart. It holds history, love, and family. When I was younger my mom was thinking about selling the house, my brother and I weren’t too hip on this idea and one morning when we came home from school, she was sitting on the deck just standing and looking at everything beyond her. She said she couldn’t sell the house because of the view, because of the yard. I cant imagine being in a different house or having a different view. When you look out at everything infront of you, you see yards and yards of trees and downtown papio. You see the cars rushing through 96th street just trying to get done with the day. It looks out at almost all of Papillion, and there is nothing like it on a crisp fall day with coffee by your side and a freshly woken up face with the cool air hitting it. Like I said, I cant imagine growing somewhere else, in a different state, town, house, etc. I know a lot of people have significant places in their life and sometimes they might be greater than a backyard or a view. But for me, it is.


2 thoughts on “My hometown

  1. I really liked reading this because I’m the same way about my house. It has so many memories and there’s so much history in the house that I would hate it if my parents ever decided to move. I love how you talked about the bon fires and parties that you had with your friends in your yard which is what made it such a special place.


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