New York Hunting Season

I returned home from fall break and returned to the same piece of land that I hunt every year returning to the same tree stand. Leaves changing showing all types of colors with the distant drone of a combine as a farmer harvests his crop in the distance. Climbing up into my tree stand as soon as the sun hits me and warms your face, the huge buck that I saw in the distance becomes a bush and the squirrels start to chase each other up and down the large maple and poplar trees. In complete silence setting my arrow into my bow, I ponder on what kind of deer there will be crossing your path that you have seen in previous years but you were unable to reach them. When the sun hits the large lake in which I hunt by large flocks of geese take off and fly over me which allows the woods to go from complete silence to chaos in a matter of seconds. As my hands start to warm up after the brisk morning I see a doe come out of the bushes with two fawns and they come directly under my tree stand, they have no idea I am there and there is a sense of adrenalin with in yourself that is like no other feeling. As many deer pass by you try not to make a sound as my grandfather always told me to act like an Indian from when I went out with him when I was 8 years old to now present. Being in the woods is a special place to me because it allows me to get away from other people and life in general allowing me to forget what I’m thinking about and feel a sense of relaxation. This place is important to me because I was brought up on the ground hunting and taking care of the land since a very young age. Also, this area is always hunted by my family members so it is a sense of tradition which has allowed me to take pride in hunting the land. Also, bow hunting is one of my favorite things to do because it is more of a challenge to get an animal verses if you were to use a gun. Hunting is patience, skill, and a sense of pride and it takes a special kind of person to acquire all of these skills in order to be good at all three.


One thought on “New York Hunting Season

  1. I really enjoyed reading this. I felt the same as you about coming back home after being away for so long and being able to do the things I used to love doing before moving to college. Its crazy how different things are now that we are visitors/guests when we come back to our hometowns rather than feeling at home. I’m from Kearney Nebraska and have had a great time seeing old friends and family. Hopefully you’re enjoying being back in your hometown too.


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