Grandparents Home

Over fall break I had the opportunity to travel back home to Omaha to visit all of my friends and family. The first four days of fall break were insanely unproductive and uneventful. I have been procrastinating all week, and finally forced myself off of the couch to type this paper. I’m currently sitting at my grandparent’s farm just on the outskirts of Omaha, and figured here would be a better place than any. The clock is ticking at the moment, as I have little under an hour and a half before my dumbass has to leave and make the trek back to Lincoln to finish everything else I’ve pushed back this week (I also finish my rough draft for assignment 2 so wish me luck).
I’m sitting on my grandparent’s front porch gazing upon the beautiful skyline, that encompasses the entire horizon. Something about the mixture of the color of the orange and hot pink makes the view unbelievably serene and peaceful. The sun is trying its hardest not to fade off into the distant horizon, but every minute the rotation of our planet brings us further and further away. Almost like the sun is screaming off “see you tomorrow, bright and early!”, one last hurrah of picturesque light is cast, before the darkness slowly and calmly sheds itself upon this undisturbed rural acreage. The house is placed upon a hill, which is surrounded by several acres of land with not one neighbor or trace of human existence is in sight. This gives me a birds-eye view of the land, which has proven to be very advantageous in the writing of this piece. Currently a slight breeze has picked up and I couldn’t tell you why, but the air in the country always smells refreshingly better, like nature, as opposed to the repugnant polluted air of the densely populated urban areas. Its getting darker, but as my vision is decreasing, the airwaves are filled with noise. The chirps from the cicadas, crickets, and the birds grow louder, and they fill my ears with noise.
Sitting here, I realize how much this place truly means to me. The natural beauty of rural Nebraska, is stunning and makes me appreciate the authenticity of the land. Something that man has not disturbed yet, letting the nature run wild. The simplicity of it all, the pure tranquility, is something to be cherished and puts my mind at ease. This place has been a get away from the stress of modern life, and a place that has brought peace to me my entire life.


One thought on “Grandparents Home

  1. I can really tell from your writing how this land makes you feel. I think it’s lovely you have a place like that in your life that can make you feel so calm when you have so many thinks to do, cluttering your mind.


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