HyVee Bakery

Over the break I had originally planned on relaxing with my family and getting ahead on homework. I thought this blog post would give me an excuse to make a trip to one of my favorite places in Omaha, like the zoo or out to the barn to see my horse. But just as things typically go in my life, my relaxing weekend quickly turned into 20 hours clocked in at work. Late Friday night, I was informed that I was scheduled to work an 8 hour shift at 7:00 am Saturday morning, along with Sunday and Monday. I immediately regretted giving my manager the UNL school year calendar. Luckily the bakery I work in is full of excitement giving me endless things to write about.

Waking up early Saturday morning was difficult, driving on the empty roads while the world was still dark. Although we’re in the middle of fall, the air was warm and I almost felt as though it was summer again and I had never left for college. I drove into the parking lot and excitedly found that even my old parking spot was open. After clocking in, I made my way back into the bakery and became overwhelmed by all of the amazing smells I hadn’t encountered in such a long time. As everyone asked me how school was going and what I had been up to, I had to use all of my self control to not scarf down each and every donut I was placing in the case. By 9:00, the store was crazy busy, with dozens of customers lined up at the case asking for donuts, bread, and anything in between. Following a close experience involving a few of my finger tips, I quickly re learned how to use the bread slicer, and got back into my working groove. It was relieving to know that even after 3 months everything came second nature including “Welcome to HyVee Bakery, my name is Cailin, how may I help you?”. By the end of the day I had 400 boxes of cookies packaged, dozens of cakes written on, and relief that although I hadn’t gotten any homework done, I made some extra money which can always make me happy.


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