Indian Cave State Park

I received a text from my best friend Madison this past Saturday asking if I wanted to go hiking in Indian Cave State Park with her family. Of course I could never turn down the opportunity to return to a place I have not been since I was 12 years old. The month of October is such a good month to visit this place because of the changing leaves and how it is decorated for Halloween, which made me more excited because I had not gone during this time. Although living in Nebraska, we should have realized that the sunny weather would soon turn cloudy and rainy. The plan was to either hike trail 10 or 11, but for some reason we came to the agreement that trail 14 would be a better trail to hike considering it started with a straight up incline. Driving to the trail, I had my window down just enough to where it allowed the heavy smoke from the campfires to make its way through the car. There were the traditional campers who had barely more than a tent, and then there were those who came in their RVs  with flat screens to watch the Husker game. Getting to the trail, the rain had picked up a bit and produced a fog that settled low to the ground. We started up the incline with Madison holding on to the dog in hopes that he would be able to pull her up with him. The mud had become thicker and more goopy to where it was nearly impossible to step without analyzing the outcome of stepping in that very spot. It was almost as if the sound of my determination to get up the trail was louder than the sound of the nature surrounding me. When reaching a flatter area of the trail after of course taking pictures and struggling to make it there,  we hiked for about two miles when we realized that the only way to get back was to go down the way we got up. Walking back there was no sound from us other than our shoes crunching the rare dry leaves, or our windbreakers hitting our sides with our swaying arms. In an attempt to avoid anyone falling on the way down, we had allowed for more room inbetween each other. Occasionally I would hear Madison laughing because she had fallen for the thousandth time, or someone letting out a gasp as they lost their footing but caught themselves at the last second. Even covered in crusted mud, I realized just how nice it was to travel back there.


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