lil Squirrelies

I decided to venture off on campus until I found the cutest squirrel possible and with a hand full of nuts I was on a mission. I had my longboard in hand and silence to my steps and I try to approach the squirrel and I can tell he’s already is frightened until his little nose rose high into the air smelling the nuts from afar. I could tell he was curious and all the more skeptical of what I was doing. Trying to be as gentle as possible I toss a nut in his direction and he quickly pounces for the food and starts tearing into it. I decided this would be an amazing experience and something to write about so being very gentle I sat on my board and made a pile of nuts to draw him closer. I threw a couple making a trail to get him to get closer and I waited with my snap chat app open and ready at hand. It took him a while nut by nut to get comfortable with my presence before he would get close enough to sniff my shoe but as I sat there testing my senses heard the slight breeze into the leaves of the trees with the light scratchy noise of the squirrels feet slowly approaching me. My hands felt clammy and sweaty from fear of scaring him and him running away and I wouldn’t take my eyes off of the squirrel that approached the pile of nuts. It was very bright and sunny and the air felt warm yet cooling when the breeze would strike my back cooling me off. Then I couldn’t help but to think about how much trouble I would get into if I were to trail the squirrel into my bag and took him to my dorm to be my new pet. I strongly considered squirrelnapping but before I could decide if the consequences of being caught were worth it he took the last nut and took off into the shrubs. So then I decided I have enough to write about and said farewell to my long lost but never forgotten squirrel.


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