Lincoln Country Club

My fall break wasn’t really a “break” as most people would imagine one to be. I had golf qualifying matches everyday over fall break with my teammates in Lincoln and Omaha. It was nice not having to rush to classes, but still having to wake up at 6am to get ready to play over the break was…refreshing.

As I didn’t go anywhere interesting and was either in my dorm, sleeping in coach’s car on the early morning drives to the golf course, or on the course itself means yet again I am going to have to write about golf.

Even though I was hoping for a bit of time off to catch up with work over the break, I did get to play some beautiful courses. Monday afternoon, my roommate and I drove to Lincoln Country Club for our 3rd round of qualifying. I had only heard great things about this course so I was excited to play it. I was not at all disappointed. The course was really spectacular to play, not only was it in great shape but the nature on the course was breathtaking. I am not one to usually comment about nature or the aesthetic value of a golf course but this was different. I have never seen so many trees on a golf course, every fairway and green was lined and surrounded by grand walls of trees, guarding each hole.

Autumn, for me is the most aesthetically pleasing time of year, especially when the leaves are beginning to change color and fall. There was a warm breeze the day we played the course that was gently pulling the leaves delicately off the winding and twisting branches, falling on the grass creating a blanket of leaves of all shapes, sizes and colors. It really was amazing to step back, just watch and appreciate the change in season. The colors were so bright and vibrant; it was really refreshing to see.

After the round was over, we got in the car and drove through downtown Lincoln, back to campus. Lincoln Country Club is quite a high status, fancy setting with very large, beautiful houses lining the driveway into the club. Very contrasting compared to downtown Lincoln. Seeing the groups of homeless people sitting on sleeping bags on street corners or taking shelter under the canopies of shops really showed the contrast of lifestyle in the space of 5 minutes in a car. It really was quite a drastic and sudden change. The short drive really got me thinking of how lucky I am. I know this is clichéd but I am somehow here all the way from Scotland, getting to play all these amazing golf courses with my best friends and teammates on a warm sunny day without really having to worry about anything vitally important such as where my next meal is going to coming from.  So even though I am “complaining” about not getting to relax completely over the break or see my family, I still have it a lot better than others that are less fortunate than myself. So for that reason I am grateful.


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