Memorial Stadium

Over the break I took the time to head up to the 6th floor of memorial stadium. It helps that I work for the athletic department so I spend most my time at the stadium anyway.

I sit down in ‘Dirk Chatelains’ media desk on the 6th floor. He’s a writer for the Omaha World-Herald. I look out the big glass windows that cover the press box. This isn’t the first time I’ve been up here. I often do my homework here, because usually it’s pretty quiet. I’ve done my fair share of procrastinating and being caught by the view, but I’ve never really looked at anything in a particular manner or fashion. I start by looking over the “downtown skyline” if you want to call it that. You can’t see everything but the whole east side of downtown is view-able. Spaghetti works, Wells-Fargo, and Parkhouse apartments (where I wanted to live this year). You scan a little bit to the left and you can see all of campus. Well, all of it besides the half that the east stadium side is covering. You can see the Newman Center, the bookstore, and the Alpha Phi sorority house (the only sorority or fraternity that you can see). You can see old father hall, avery hall, and bessy hall.

My eye’s make my their through campus, and I start to look at the stadium as a whole. It’s very mono-color scene. If you are there on a non-game day, it’s very white from the concrete and white benches. But game day’s it’s covered in red. I notice the difference in color from the new parts of the stadium from the old. South stadium has a plain look to it compared to north stadium with the booster pressbox’s, the new east stadium expansion, and the four floors of pressbox’s on the west side. I notice the replaced parts the in the big screen over the years.

I make made my way out of the stadium, walking to my car just outside of north stadium. I notice the the pillars holding up north stadium aren’t straight up. They actually look like they will fall over if you lean against it. Kind of concerning but if they can hold 90 thousand jumping and screaming fans, then I guess it’s as strong as it can be.



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