My Room

I see my room, my new room at my new home here at UNL. The room is accompanied by what has now become a very familiar scent. I don’t know how to describe it, all I know is it reminds me of my roommate and this new home we share together. I’m sitting on the pink couch that, despite it’s rough texture and little fuzzies, I find extremely comfortable. It makes me think about all the late nights that I have had with my roommate watching Netflix and doing homework, because despite the fact that we’ve only been here 2 months, that is my new normal. Most nights the two of us pull out the couch, plug in our string of lights that outline the ceiling above us, turn on the tv, and just work away. Right now that is what I see, the string of lights, and the deep glowing blue coming from the tv waiting to be told what to do, while I wait for my roommate to arrive so we can continue our nightly tradition. As I sit here waiting, I hear the sounds of girls from out in the hallway, arriving  from a long break. All these factors are coming together again to remind me where I live now that I’m in college and out of my parents’ house. Most people don’t consider their dorm room home, and yes my house in Omaha will always be my home, but it’s ok to make a new home for yourself. That is exactly what I’ve done here in Lincoln. My dorm room here in Schramm is my home and my roommate and friends on the 4th floor are my family. I’m not as sad as I thought I’d be. After being dropped off by my parents for the third time here, I think I can finally say I’m glad to be back. I had finally started a routine and a life for myself outside of the one my parents built for me. It was nice to go back to Omaha, but I honestly did miss my dorm at Schramm. Here I finally feel like my own person. I choose what I do, where I go, what I eat. This place has changed me so much in the past two months than I realized. That is until now when I sat down to ponder this space I’m in, this place I now call home. To me this place means freedom, freedom to discover myself, try new things, and to just be on my own without ever actually being alone, and I like it. A lot.


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