Observing a Place

When I went home I knew what to expect.  I had grew up in the same place for 15 years.  I was very comfortable at home but I had never really observed it like I was asked to in this assignment.  Picking a place was pretty easy.  I wanted to give everyone a good representation of my town so the biggest gathering of people would be the high school football game on Friday night.  As I started to observe probably the biggest thing that stuck out to me was that everyone has their place.  Everyone fits in somewhere in the stadium and as I thought back on it these people had been standing in the same place for years.  The first people I noticed were my family.  Like always I found my grandpa standing.  He never sits down.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen him sit down at a sporting event.  He always finds a rail to lean on.  At the field in Bennington he stands over by the concession stand where there is a little balcony area for people to stand.  When I went to talk to him the usual people were standing by him.  Most of them were older men who all gather for coffee every morning at the local gas station.  I then went to find my grandma.  She was in her usual spot right underneath the press box.  No matter how packed a game is  people will always save her a seat under the press box.  The person usually holding the spot is my aunt.  Her husband is the head coach so she has been to over 100 football games over the years.  I also noticed how the ages of people separate themselves.  Bennington is a growing town with a lot of young families.  These families definitely found their own little space in at the stadium away from the old timers.  The students were in the same place they always were. No matter what year it is the student section is always the same.  The so called “leaders” of the student section say they are going to be loud and get people to cheer but it never happens.  Football is just too boring of a sport for most people and the players are usually too far away for them to even hear the students no matter how loud they are.  The conversation of the people were pretty much the same as they always are.  For the most part people don’t have a ton to say.  Living in a small town there isn’t much you don’t know about everyone which means there usually isn’t a ton to talk about.  Nothing anyone says is really news to the others.  The moms like to gossip though.  I swear moms in a small town are worse than high schoolers.  They just love to start drama and talk about people.  Whether it be the trouble makers in school, or the inconsistent administration, moms will talk about it all.  They will say stuff they have no idea if its true or not.  They just like to think they are uncovering some juicy stuff in town that not everyone knows about.  The smell is always the same.  Whether it be a Monday night JV game or a Friday night varsity game, the hot dogs and hamburgers are always smoldering on the grill.  The same family always grills.  Nobody really likes them but they literally volunteer for everything.  You can also smell the popcorn.  Thats a Bennington staple.  Everyone always gets popcorn at games.  Its really good and they give you a ton of it for only a dollar.  It never matters how good the team is the same people are always gonna complain.  They don’t know anything about football but they sure think they do.  They usually vent about their frustration to their wife.  After a while the wife tells them to stop or not talk so loud but they continue anyways


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