Old Navy #5961

My fall break was so uneventful, I decided to write about where I work, Old Navy. I spent all of break working so I figured it was fitting. As I sit on the stained, tan futon in the break room, there is so much happening. There are icicle Christmas lights hanging haphazardly from the ceiling. Straight ahead of the futon, there is the Brand Associate of the Month wall, where I have not been featured yet. There is also a whiteboard where our general managers has decided to do fun October facts, October Anniversaries and our new friends. The questions to write our answers to are, do you like candy corn? (absolutely not, it’s so gross) What has been your best Halloween costume? (the three blind mice with my triplet brothers) What is your favorite Halloween movie? (none, I don’t watch Halloween movies because Halloween is the worst holiday). Behind me on the futon is racks and racks of go-backs that still haven’t been caught up on since inventory almost three weeks ago. There are also three huge blue containers for trash that probably never get fully emptied. The bank of lockers are so old and creaky. The very top of the lockers is so dusty and gross, it probably hasn’t been cleaned for two or three years. My locker is the one that’s never quite shut all the way because I can never remember my locker combination and it’s taller than most of my coworker’s lockers so they never really have a reason to be in the top bank. There’s also a fridge/freezer combo with freezer pops that I averaged eating around four per shift in the summer. The fridge has Diet Coke that’s expired and we’re not allowed to sell so we all drink it during our breaks. The fridge is also home to forgotten McDonald’s, Panera, and Chick-fil-a cups that won’t get cleaned out for months. There’s a Pepsi vending machine that seems to never get used. The shelving unit takes up a pretty big portion of the back room as well. It has hundreds of rolls of toilet paper, accessories that Beeline takes care of, and all of the equipment needed to keep the store in decent shape. My no means is Old Navy clean or well organized, but we honestly try our hardest to keep things in running order. In the back is the manager’s office, the time clock that seems to be broken every other week. On the table with the time clock is the walkie-talkies that go missing, tangles of ear pieces, boxes of alcohol wipes, coupons for a free flu shot and a huge stack of holiday calendars that need to be filled out as soon as we can, but will all end up forgetting about.


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