Roca Berry Farm

Over fall break I had the pleasure of going to Roca again, because I’ve gone almost every year since middle school. This time around, instead of going with my family members, I was able to share the experience with my coworkers. It was exhilarating because my coworkers are some of the very best people I have in my life and getting to be share the experience of being scared to death with them was such a great bonding moment. We were able to go on Friday night and it was a perfect night to go. It was a calm, breezy night outside and it was the perfect weather to huddle up against friends while walking through the psycho path and through the other sites Roca had to offer. While my coworkers and I were walking through the sites at Roca, I started to reflect back on myself and how much I’ve changed since I first came to Roca in middle school. I know it sounds bizarre to reflect back on yourself in such a terrifying place, but for some reason I did. As we were walking through the psycho path and through the circus maze I started to look around myself (and not just because I was paranoid of some creepy ass clown popping out at me) but because I finally realized how great it’s been since I moved back home to Lincoln. I realized that moving back home from my old school in Iowa was such a beneficial decision for me. I realized that I’ve been surrounded by such amazing people since I’ve moved back and I’ve made friendships that will last a lifetime with my new coworkers. It’s great to have such kind-hearted people around me that I not only see at work, but around campus and outside of work as well. They’ve helped me realize that moving back to Lincoln was the best decision for me because now I get to have the full university experience and get my life back on track after having a reckless freshman year of college at a smaller school in Iowa. I know reflecting back on yourself at a place like Roca might sound strange, but after going there with my coworkers Friday night, it really opened my eyes and helped me realize that I have such great role models around me that are going to be there for me and help be positive influences for me while I’m trying to get through school and accomplish my goals. After walking through a corn field, a psycho path, and through haunted houses in that small town south of Lincoln, I was finally able to see the awesome people and things that I had right in front of me.


2 thoughts on “Roca Berry Farm

  1. I remember going to Roca all the time in middle school! it was the hotspot back then for hanging out! i feel the same way about growing up to, back then I was terrified of Roca in the dark now going back I realize the childish thoughts and how scared I was and how much ive grown since then!


  2. Never been to Roca, but I can relate to the whole clown popping out at you thing. I was at Indian Cave State Park this weekend and when my friends and I were talking, I was like “hey what happens if we see a clown in the forest?”


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