Starry Night

In the dark night sky only the bright yellow moon and stars shine high. It looks as if it is a full moon but there is a slight sliver missing. No lights are visible besides the moonlight shining on my gazebo. The way the is moon reflecting on the pond makes me almost consider there are two moons tonight. Pulling me towards the water, the wind wraps around me. Slightly chilly but still brisk enough to enjoy the moment. The sound of the pond fountain feels like a lullaby. The faint buzz from the crickets cause me to constantly turn around and check that no one is following. I fear to walk this path at night when no one is around, however the only time I enjoy these nights is when I’m alone. After I turn to look over my shoulder to ensure that no one is following, I let out a breath of relief and realize this place could not make me any happier. The joy I feel inside me is clearly represented on my face. Not only is there a smile on my mouth, but also in my eyes. Watching the water rise and fall from the fountain releases the stress from every inch of my body. I breathe in the fresh air and release any negative thoughts I might have accumulated. I close my eyes and I can see what I value most in my life.

All my life I have grown up watching romantic movies. I have had my own fairy tales from as long as I can remember. Everyone around me constantly acknowledges how cheesy of a person I am. And in this moment I realize this place seems to be extracted from a movie. Almost too good to be real. I am able to connect my life to any of the characters I fantasize about. This place has my name written all over it. I feel like the only reason it was created was for my eyes. Every time I visit this gazebo by the pond, it feels like it is the first time all over again. I am constantly astonished by its natural beauty. From moments like this I am able to appreciate Mother Nature for what she is. There is no need for anything artificial. Life itself is gorgeous and needs no polishing, but rather an eye that can value it for what it’s worth.


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