The Beach

During fall break I was able to go back home to San Diego and while I was there I took the opportunity to go to the beach because that is where I love to relax all the time whenever I’m at home. For m the beach is a place where I can let all my worries go and its the cure to all of my problems. As I strolled along the warm smooth sand as I take in the soothing atmosphere around me. I let myself absorb and take in the suns rays. I take comfort in the oceans sounds with the rhythm of the crashing waves into the shore. I look at the cloudless blue sky and I smell a fresh ocean breeze. As I sit in my chair I can see all the sights of a normal day at the beach with children building sand castles along the oceans edge and elderly people reading books in the sand. But soon I can’t take the heat anymore so I run as fast as I can into the crystal blue the. The cold water takes my breath away at first but I quickly recover and get used to the colder water. Relaxing and floating peacefully  I  am aware of the impending wave that is about to hit so I dive under and pop out through the ocean foam. But some waves I don’t see coming and they crash right on top of me and send me to the sandy bottomed push me back to shore. Exhausted from all of the swimming I get back to my spot and lay down on a towel and sleep with the sun warming me up again. the sounds of the ocean help bring me to a nice deep sleep and I wake up refreshed and the whole process starts over again because the sun is too hot.


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