The East Place.

As I drive down this long gravel road I look to the left and right, front and behind me and what do I see…corn. Corn everywhere. A year ago when I thought of corn I never thought I would love it like I do now. I used to detassel so the thought of corn made me really mad. But now, now that I find myself day dreaming about the East Place. Driving to the East Place in a red, chevy truck, with the windows rolled down and the of a dusty, bumpy gravel road underneath the tires.

As I make my way up and down this long gravel road to a farm I fell in love I realized that maybe it wasn’t the fact that I loved the quietness , or the mooing of cows that brings me so much love and happiness, but the person who introduced me to this homie place to begin with. Paul Meduna is and will always be my home. As I sit here in this red chevy watching him move hay bails back and forth from the trailer to a shed I realize that without him I wouldn’t have a love for hay, or a love for the shed they’re building.

While I’ve been at UNL it’s hit me how much exactly I’ve missed this place. I can recall the first time I came out here. I got lost, which wasn’t a shock for me because my sense of direction is awful. But now I know that you turn right on county road T and go straight until you see a huge pile of round hay bails. The hay bails looks like a pyramid when you drive up to turn left and you can see the tip of the grain bins right over the top of the huge pyramid of hay bails.

As I drive up I ususally see Paul strewing something together in the first shed right off the turn on to the farm. I drive straight to park right in front of the big grain bin where I faced my fear of heights by climbing to the top of the silver grain bin, but I didn’t care because I knew I was safe at the East Place. There used to only be five buildings out there but now the boys are working on a huge building for the cow birthing season. This place has become my home. A place that my kids can fall in love with like their father and uncles, like me even when I didn’t know I was falling in love with my home.


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