Over fall break I did a shadowing job for one of my classes. So, I thought what a great place to write about.

As I walked into the hospital I first noticed the smell, you know the smell of latex gloves and cleaning supplies. The revolving door spinning as patients and workers come leave and arrive. I look around and notice how many workers it takes just to keep a small lobby afloat. I could only imagine how many work throughout the whole hospital, especially since they just now added a cancer center. The further I was the more I notice how many people and standing around lost trying to get to the place their going.

I go to sign in for my job shadow, I’m shadowing Occupational Therapy. I sign in and wait for for the therapist to come by and pick me up. I notice the ladies at the front desk look very unhappy, they are stuck in a small room all day giving ID’s to visitors and people shadowing. It is completely quiet in the room, you do not hear a single noise. Except when the door is opening or closing.

The Occupational therapist stops by to pick me up, we climb up nine flights of stairs. As we make in to the ninth floor the first thing I see is flashing green, organ, and white lights above some of the doors. Along with that you see many nurses and Occupational/Physical Therapist walking around on this level. Nurses responding the the blinking lights and and Occupational/Physical Therapist doing their rounds. I follow The Occupational Therapist I was shadowing into one of the rooms she had to do an evaluation on. The rooms are small and the ceilings have water stains. The Clarkson Tower I say to myself must be pretty old.

As I watch the Occupational Therapist do her job by helping others, I noticed how much she enjoyed helping this patient. She didn’t just help the patient because it was her job, she did it because she likes watching people improve and get better. That’s what the whole hospital is full of: nurses, doctors, therapist, tech, they are all there to try and help anyone and everyone. To some people the hospital might mean to them that’s where a loved one was helped. University of Nebraska Medical Center has been around for many years, and many more years to come.


One thought on “UNMC

  1. This sounds like it would be very interesting! I went to UNMC for a few ambulance ride alongs during EMT and I was amazed by how many workers there were as well and how they all seemed to know exactly where to go and what to do working around each other.


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