I forgot about this post for a week

Life can be so hectic and also awful. In lieu of not posting this when it was actually due, I thought I would today. Better late than never? I’m going to relax in my back yard and write about it instead of worrying about all the projects and papers on my plate.

My butt is on the lawn. I think my dad mowed it recently. There are lots of other places or chairs to sit at, but the grass sounds the best. It’s not as vivid of a green as it was in the summer, but soon the snow will be coating it and that really won’t matter. Right now, looking at it reminds me of those scenes in Honey I Shrunk the Kids, where they are running around in the lawn. It makes me wonder what life looks like from the point of view of the bugs down there. I am a giant.

All around my lawn are plants I’ve put in with my mother. There are yellows, reds, and purples. I don’t think about it a lot but I feel a bit blessed to come from people who genuinely like to take care of their property. I drive down my street and a lot of people’s yards look like shit. I have a mom that trims the bushes and a dad who trims the siding. I probably won’t even have the drive to do that when I have a place of my own. Right now though, I get to come home to a place that is beautiful. These flowers are so pleasing to my eye and I don’t take the time to notice it often.

I hear birds chirping, and I think they are on my deck. I love the sound of the birds. I hear my neighbor’s dog barking in his yard. I wish it would shut up.

Now, I’m thinking about how it’s been a while since I’ve seen any butterflies. A few weeks ago I was seeing monarchs, with their orange wings, flying everywhere, but I guess they are gone. It will be cold soon, I understand they can’t stay and make me happy.


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