At the top of this hill

Roughly four years ago my dad envisioned turning this weed infested hill into a place of sanctuary. He had always wanted to create something that allowed the public to admire the place surrounding them when throughout a normal day, one doesn’t stop to just admire. He started by taking his small riding lawn mower to create a path to the top of this hill so he could begin to arrange the area with solar lights and various benches that overlook the city lights. After moving onto UNL campus, I had not visited the hill as frequently as I had before. At a trunk or treat Sunday night, my dad had me sit in the trailer that was being pulled by his riding lawn mower. He steered up the path trying to avoid the little dips that would feel like craters while being in the trailer. I was so focused on the scenery around me that I hadn’t noticed that my back hurt from hitting the back of the trailer after riding over the uneven ground. There was nothing but the sound of the tall grass hitting the sides of the wood and the motor of the tractor. The wind had picked up and I remember smelling the faint smell of hot chocolate coming from the cup holder sitting beside my dad. Reaching the top of the hill, we were able to sit on the benches and just look. No words were exchanged, just silence from the hill. I have come to appreciate the creativity that runs through my dad’s mind especially when it produces something that allows me to just sit and notice the world around me at the top of this hill.


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