Downtown Lincoln, full of college students, adults and kids. This weekend, my mom roped me into going on a walking tour of the places Mari Sandoz spend most of her time while living in Lincoln. Though I didn’t pay much attention to the talking points of the tour, I loved being downtown and on campus without having to scramble from class to class or being worried if I’m driving the wrong way on a one-way. I had gone to some places that I never really payed much attention to, specifically the area around the capital building. I hadn’t been to the west side in years, probably. The leaves had fallen on the sidewalks surrounding the entrance and it looked so peaceful. Sitting on the steps looking out onto the street, I was surrounded by fall in its’ many forms. The leaves falling and people bundled up in scarves and jackets.

Another aspect of this walking tour I found interesting was how the old department stores downtown have been turned into many different things, but their buildings with the names on the sides remain the same. Gold’s, Miller and Paine, and Magee’s. My mom and my grandma used to love to go downtown and walk the streets and shop. My grandma has also told stories about how Sheridan Boulevard (and most other streets with medians) were once streets with cable cars. This tour gave me a new appreciation for downtown and its’ historic value to its’ residents and those who come and visit.


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