Earthquake in Italy

Norcia, Italy recently experience a earthquake that caused many buildings to collapse. Luckily, there were no deaths during the earthquake. This earthquake took place in a time when many tremors were occurring in the area. With rumors of earthquakes approaching, many people fled the area to be safe. This lead to no deaths and more safety. However, people were still injured and many building were destroyed. The measured magnitude of the earthquake was 6.6 and bigger than a previous one in the same area that killed 300 people.

As the people felt the earthquake approaching, many of them went to the center of the town near their church to pray. During their prayers they watched their beloved church sink into the ground. Italy’s Civil Protection Unit then came to the rescue to check on the town. Many houses and buildings were destroyed but they ruled out any deaths because there was no one inside them. They also saved around 20 injured locals of the town. The Prime Minister of Italy promised to help reconstruct the area no matter the costs. All of the buildings, houses, churches, and businesses would be reconstructed as an attempt to help his frequent criticism.

This destruction of the town was the biggest to a an artists heritage building since 1997. The frescoed Basilica is the towns heart and a great place for tourism. Dating back to the 13th century it was one of the oldest buildings in Italy. Many other buildings were also damaged and destroyed, but none as important as this one.



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