Finding a Future

In class when we started talking about what we thought of UNL before and after attending classes here really made me think back to my senior year. When I was deciding what college I wanted to attend I was beyond stressed. I grew up in Lincoln so I always thought I would be going to UNL. However, as my senior year rolled around, I began to want to move out. I love Lincoln and I never thought of the idea of leaving before. I ended up with two choices for colleges left. UNL and DePaul University in Chicago. I was incredibly torn. How was I, a 18 year old high school student supposed to choose between his hometown or starting an entire new adventure in a completely new place. It was a decision that I have been still struggling with, even to this day. As my senior year came to an end, the thought of everything ending started to sink in. I had chosen UNL by this point and then I started to really consider if I had made the wrong choice. My friends began to talk about where they were moving off to college and I began to worry. I really had no idea what I wanted anymore. My life was changing so fast and I was not ready for it. It still scares me beyond belief that I made the wrong decision with regards to what college I was going to attend. UNL has been great it is just hard to know when you grew up here and have still never experienced more of the world.


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