Live Your Bucket List

I’ve always been a “list person”—I make lists for literally everything. Grocery lists, packing lists, to do lists, bucket lists…the list of my lists is endless! My parents call it Type Allie. Making lists makes me feel like I have things to do and gives me a way to put all of my crazy ideas, wishes, and dreams into a tangible form. My bucket list is one that never seems to stop growing, ever. But this weekend, in celebration of my nineteenth birthday, I strapped myself to a man named Dragon and completed a major task on this list: I jumped out of an airplane (with a parachute, of course!).

Needless to say, the jump was FANTASTIC. I know that it’s totally cliché, but skydiving has always been something I’ve wanted to do since before I can remember, and I am SO glad I didn’t let go of this dream. Nothing I have ever experienced in my entire life measures up to the excitement and intensity of jumping out of a moving airplane that is exceeding one mile in altitude. Even though it was definitely scary (and both of my grandmas disapproved), it was something I needed to do for me, something that I’ve wanted to do forever.

Living my bucket list made me realize how awesome life can be, and how much there is for us to try. I know this must sound pretty philosophical for a freshman English class, but seriously guys, this is our time! Before we have huge amounts of student debt, mortgage payments, and drooling (but adorable) toddlers—we have a duty to ourselves, to start the lives we’ve always dreamed of living but never tried because we “weren’t old enough.” I went skydiving yesterday, and I’m not stopping there. My bucket list exceeds three pages at the moment, and I am so excited to do it all. So let’s jump out of planes, get midnight tattoos, eat from food trucks in Mexico, and travel the world. Because, why not? Life is too short to not live your bucket list, and I happily challenge you all to do it with me.

P.S. What is on your bucket list? What have you always dreamed of doing? Seriously, I’d love to know (maybe I can steal a few ideas for my list, too!).

P.P.S. Nineteen has been great so far, thanks for asking! 🙂 Not only did I survive my jump, but I also won $2 from a Kwik Stop scratch off ticket—cha-ching! I’d have to argue with John Mellencamp on this one—sixteen was fun, but nineteen is where it’s at.


One thought on “Live Your Bucket List

  1. I’m so very jealous that you got to do this for your 19th birthday! Happy birthday! I’m happy to see that you live fearlessly and on the edge. Continue to enjoy life and embrace your beautiful smile!


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