This week we get to choose our own topic involving place, so I’m going to share my favorite place. Omaha. 2 months ago I probably never would’ve called Omaha my favorite place. In fact I so desperately wanted to get out of my hometown that I looked for schools in California and searched the cost of living in New York. After discovering that everything else costed too much, I settled on a school 50 minutes from home and still in the same state. I’ve changed a lot since coming to UNL. I’ve met friends from all over, and even though I’m sure there are many students here from Omaha, I have yet to run into many. Excluding my roommate, all the people I talk to on a daily basis are either from out of state or from any other Nebraska city other than Omaha. I feel because of this I have grown to love Omaha more. I never realized what a big, scary place it was to those who live elsewhere in Nebraska. It’s strange to hear about graduation classes that are sampling than my class of 75 (which is pretty unusual for an Omaha high school. I never realized how big of I home I actually have, and that others might actually find it interesting. I’ve been back a few times since the beginning of the school year; I’m in Omaha now. Each time that I’ve come back, I have found myself looking around, noticing my surroundings as I drive through the city I call home. The more miles I drive here in Nebraska, and the more stories I tell, the more my appreciation grows. This is the town where my mother grew up, this is the town where my sisters and I grew (and continue to grow). I learned to drive by braving Dodge. I got my first job at the movie theatre across from my house. I spent my childhood summers at Westroads with my friends. I played pirates with my sisters in my own backyard. This town holds more memories than I realized two months ago. I still believe this won’t be the place where I grow old, because no matter how big it is to other cities, it’s still to small for my dreams and ideas. So I may not come back once I’ve finished school, but now it’s harder to say goodbye.


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